What you have to do to get started and how to master 5 simple easy steps to dropship

This is the starting point where you can learn and apply for your new venture in online business. These are only the basic knowledge that will cover in this first Lesson .What is covered in this First lesson are






What is sales & marketing?

Sales occur when there are deals between seller and buyer. What a seller always do they will find potential buyer and promote a product to them. Once potential buyer confirmed to buy and payment done, then the deal is closed.

There are 2 types of sales – online and offline.

Differences between online and offline sales are:-
  • Online sales – every single thing are done online. From posting physical or digital products photo online to interact with customers through online. If you are always online in social media you will notice there are loads of new online seller emerging daily.
  • Offline sales – seller who does selling physical products face to face directly interacting with customers in the storefront. Usually the shop owners have their own store/shop by renting the place or owned them.

Marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services.

They also process for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

A way to look good, professional and trustworthy you can create or open ecommerce account to promote your products in websites or ecommerce platforms.

It is a direct and one way sales transaction with built in payment gateway form. Faster result, no delay transaction.

There are multiple ecommerce platforms and websites available out there.

You can choose from free plan to paid plan if you have the extra fund to start with.

But as new beginners I advised you to start with free plan instead of paid platform unless you are confident enough to start with paid platform then just go ahead.

Dropshipping or Agent?

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. (definition extracted from Wikipedia)

The salesperson or so-called dropshipper does not keep stocks but instead helps customers on behalf to order products from manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler who deliver directly to their customers.

Advantages as Dropshipper

  • no stock to keep
  • no inventory counting
  • no fund capital required to start
  • no mailing required

Disadvantages as being a dropshipper-

  • Sales target to meet each month by their sales agent
  • If no minimum orders or sales target met they will be out of the team
  • Stressful life

Unless if they can get resources on their own directly from suppliers, they can do without the help of an agent or third party.

Try to find and get your own suppliers directly if you really wanted to do dropship business and earn more profit  without any third party involvement. 

Be a Dropshipper as well as your own boss, set your own time, as where and when you want. No one can boss you around. If you know how!

If you have enough money for investments,  you can be the agent or stockists.

Sales  Agent or Stockists are the one who have ready stocks to sell and use dropshippers manpower to help find more sales for them as well as helping the dropshippers to earn extra income.

As an agent or stockists with ready stocks, all stock inventory, storage, shipping and mailing etc. need to be done by you.

All pricing are controlled by you, the difference excess amount between the cost price and selling price that you set for you or your dropshippers are your profit and your dropshippers commission respectively.  

Where can I Find Products?

Products are supplied from both overseas and local.

Overseas suppliers need at least few weeks to couple of months to reach to your local destination. As for local suppliers they only need few days to a week to reach you, this is the most preferred choices that your customers love.

The problems are not only about shipping duration but also the costs. Local suppliers usually charged you more on the cost price but lower in shipping compare to overseas suppliers. Unless if you have the time to look for better resources by chance! So this is the solution that you are looking for and also…..

…..is the best time if you could get hold of your own products from direct suppliers instead of the help of other people who sucks the profit more from you for themselves!!

Where can you get the products from? There are several links that I will share with you to get your products direct supplied from.

Take a look at these products from Kumoten(Malaysia), Qoo10(Singapore), AliExpress(China), Amazon(USA), Gerbest(USA)  its free to join except Salehoo(UK) charges a small fees(below US$100) to join them.

But the best part is whether you are a dropshipper or agent/ stockist you can still order minimum quantity as low as 1 piece only. No MOQ required.

Buy for your own use or to sell for a profit, there will be no issues.

But remember to send them a message before hand to double confirm.

Buy 1 only or in bulk orders?

What is MOQ?

Which suppliers or what niche products to choose for selling?

Choose the niche that you are passion about or in high demand items that will solve people problems eg. health and beauty.

Find out the top 5 high demand niche products to start with and 5 common mistakes to AVOID When outsources product from oversea suppliers.

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It’s time to start to sell your products

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Where should you sell the products?

After you have gathered and hand picked your niche products , you can start to upload the photos and info details to these ecommerce platforms or create and update them in websites. Joining is free.

SHOPEE – Free until you make a sale they will deduct small percentage of your total selling price.

What is good about this website is if you have an account with Kumoten you can easily integrate your Shopee account together. With just a single click you can download loads hundreds of products photos and descriptions in bulks from Kumoten to Shopee.

And if you have Lazada account too you may install API code into Shopee account. Save your time to upload products in huge quantity in short time possible.

SHOPMATIC– Limited features for free version within limited time or for a sum of $36 per month, you may get more access to your account.

They have live support team if you have troubled setting up your account. For more info you may visit their website

SHOPIFY– The cheapest plan among others in Shopify account is estimated around $39 per month.

Its a Done-For-You system if you prefer simple and to get faster results, this platform would suits you best. Take a look at their website on how to open your account with them.

Always start from smallest or zero down payment if you do not want to lose more money in promoting your products. Its up to the individual to decide which way to go.

Promote your products

Now I know where to get the products and already have my own website. So what’s next? Where should I start to promote?

Marketing platforms that you can start to promote your products for free are through social media eg. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, SMS or Email, Flyers, Classified etc. Give it a blast! What happens if it doesn’t work? How a regular ecommerce platform that its extremely cheap and easy to get can help your drop shipping business prosper? Read on Lesson 5 to get the idea!

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LESSON 1 INTRODUCTION –Whether if you just started out and have no experience in sales, you got to learn and get valuable information and knowledge from these few  lessons

LESSON 2 SALES & MARKETING – If you have no idea what sales and marketing is all about, start to know more about them here

LESSON 3 DROPSHIPPING & SALES AGENT – Is it true you can earn extra money by just doing drop shipping?  Heard about what people are talking about but not so sure what exactly what a dropshipper can do to your life. Learn more about dropshipping in this lesson.

LESSON 4 PRODUCTS SUPPLY –Even you do not want to do dropship you can still get these products for your own use at the lowest price. Get these products before anyone else does!

LESSON 5 ECOMMERCE PLATFORM – Know little about ecommerce. Is ecommerce can really helps my dropshipping business?


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