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LESSON 1 INTRODUCTION –Whether if you just started out and have no experience in sales, you got to learn and get valuable information and knowledge from these few  lessons

LESSON 2 SALES & MARKETING – If you have no idea what sales and marketing is all about, start to know more about them here

LESSON 3 DROPSHIPPING & SALES AGENT – Is it true you can earn extra money by just doing drop shipping?  Heard about what people are talking about but not so sure what exactly what a dropshipper can do to your life. Learn more about dropshipping in this lesson.

LESSON 4 PRODUCTS SUPPLY –Even you do not want to do dropship you can still get these products for your own use at the lowest price. Get these products before anyone else does!

LESSON 5 ECOMMERCE PLATFORM – Know little about ecommerce. Is ecommerce can really helps my dropshipping business?



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