Welcome On Board to The Sales Digital Marketing World – MY DREAM PASSIVE INCOME, Your First Step by Step Learning Guide journey on how to do an online business or network marketing.

  • Do you know that you can earn side income using social media platform with your handphones only from the comfort of your own home?
  • Are you the one who are anxiously to get ready to row your boat into the ecommerce system and get out of the rat race world?
  • Are you the one who are an aggressive, daring or have a “die-die” attitude kind of person?
  • Are you the one who are willing and are ready to change your life style 360 degrees from rag to riches?
  • The one who need to Be financial freedom or wanted to strike off or get rid out of all your bad debts?

If you are in one of the above situations, these guides are for you and loads of secret will be revealed in your next journey!

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LESSON 1 INTRODUCTION – What you have to do to get started and how to master 5 simple easy steps to dropship

LESSON 2 SALES & MARKETING – A new and effective way to learn about sales and marketing in 2019!

LESSON 3 DROPSHIPPING VRS SALES AGENT –WARNING! You need to read this before you work as a dropshipper for an agent.

LESSON 4 PRODUCTS SUPPLY – 5 common mistakes to Avoid When outsource products from overseas suppliers

LESSON 5 ECOMMERCE PLATFORM How a regular ecommerce platform that its extremely cheap and easy to get can help your drop shipping business prosper?

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